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First Steps

Supports a holistic development of self-esteem and a sense of autonomy, independence, and self-control. The program is designed around the basic Montessori concept of “let me do it by myself” and “freedom within limits”. The program also fully supports “sensory process” through art, music, movement, cooking, and sensorial time which is conducive to the joy of learning, emotional growth, concentration, and cognitive preparation for future intellectual academic endeavors.


Preschool & Kinder Primary Program (Ages 3-6)

Lingua Natal is a unique school that prepares its students for the challenges of an international, 21st century world. Through our rigorous multi lingual education our students are able to develop the superior critical thinking abilities and mental flexibility associated with being bilingual and multi-lingual. Lingua Natal has over 23 years of experience in sharing cultures and languages. We take great pride in our ability to give students the tools needed to richly experience and succeed.

After School Programs

Our structured, after school program for children in grades K-6th is based on the latest research in cognitive psychology and language acquisition. Our comprehensive and eight level program takes the children from the beginners level to the proficiency level in any foreign language they desire to take. Moreover and very importantly, as a result of the nature of our programs, we cater both native and language learners in our language programs.