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Experience a new and unique way to learn foreign languages at Lingua Natal. Our spring and summer language camps offer unique curriculums for inquisitive minds while building on our core teaching principles.

Our camp programs are a great way for our current children to continue their language immersion program without interruption and for new kids to experience our approach to learning a new language.

Language Explorer Camps

2017 Spring & Summer

Language Through Art

Inspire creativity through art while fortifying a love for language.

Language Through Music

Creative movement and music are important factors that are a part of our daily curriculum.

Language Through Food

Ignite the senses through healthy food preparation, including cooking and baking.

Language Through Culture

Explore the global community through diverse peoples and cultures.

2017 Summer Language Camp
2017 Summer Language Camp

A Tour Around The World

Summer 2017 (June 26-August 23)

While fully immersed in their target language, children will experience an extraordinary Tour Around The World! Children will visit a new continent every ten days! Among many of their fun experiences, they will make their own passports, visit a few countries in each continent, and visit interesting places to get a feel for the music, culture, arts, and food in each country.

Ages: 2*-7
Language Programs:
French: Ages 3-6 (Mornings Only); Mandarin: Ages 4-7; Spanish: Ages 2*-7

Parents can choose (space permitting) any combination of languages for mornings and/or afternoons as well as days and/or weeks.

2017 Summer Camp Tuition Per 4 Weeks Tuition with 10% Discount
Available through June 9, 2017
2x 3x 5x 2x 3x 5x
Half Day
$361.00 $504.00 $840.00 $324.90 $453.60 $756.00
Full Day
9:00am to 3:00pm
$672.00 $936.00 $1450.00 $604.80 $842.40 $1305.00
Afternoon Program
Noon to 3:00pm
$180.00 $480.00 $800.00 $162.00 $432.00 $720.00
Extended Day
7:30am to 6:00pm
Pre-arranged Extra Care is charged at $5.00/hour and all other Extra Care needs will be charged at $8.00/hour.